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There is nothing like working one on one with a personal trainer… but for the days you can’t be with one, PCF now offers Online Coaching.


Unlike finding a cookie-cutter workout from a magazine, PCF’s Online Coaching takes your body, goal, and experience into consideration as we design a program specifically for you. As you improve week to week, your workouts will change; helping you avoid plateaus and keep hitting PRs.


Programing will include weekly check-ins with your online coach so you may discuss how last week’s workout went, what troubles you may have had, and how to improve for next week. During your check-in, you will receive an emailed copy of next week’s workouts along with any recommended conditioning and mobility work. You will also have the opportunity to send videos to your online coach for a form check so that he may address any technique errors.


When designing your workout, we will integrate appropriate programing and periodization specific to your goal and progress. By tracking your volume and RPE (rate of perceived exertion), Online Coaching can make adjustments to confirm you’re working at your full potential yet never burning out.


Online coaching works best in conjunction with your current personal training program. Your trainer will continue to work with you in person; giving a hands on approach and any needed motivation. Your trainer will then communicate with your online coach so that your individual work compliments your current program.  


Results that last, take time to build. PCF’s Online Coaching will be a three month long program. With this time you can gather a variety of new exercises and allow for proper periodization to take place.

  • 100% personalized program

  • Online weekly updates

  • Analysis of your training including video!

  • Work with a trainer or by yourself


Current PT Client


None PT Clients

$150/month (for experienced lifters looking for structure and organization)

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